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Galeria Solna, Inowroclaw, Poland

19 June 2012

Galeria Solna, Inowroclaw, Poland

On Tuesday, June 19, the cornerstone was placed for the construction of Galeria Solna in Inowrocław, in the mid -west part of Poland, 50 km south of Bydgoszcz. With 31,000 sqm GLA Galeria Solna will be the first large, modern shopping center, serving both the city as well as the region. The opening of Galeria Solna is planned in the first half of 2013.

With the participation of the President of the city of Inowrocław, Mr. Rydszard Brejza and representatives of the city and poviat authorities, the developers, Acteeum Group and Libra Project, placed the cornerstone of the modern Galleria Solna shopping center. With almost 80,000 inhabitants, Inowroclaw is one of the last medium sized polish cities without a shopping center.

The ceremony initiated the phase of construction which is planned to be completed in spring 2013. Galeria Solna will have 31 000sqm GLA, 100 shops among which Tesco, Nomi and many stores of leading international as well as polish chain tenants and a varied food court. The facade of the shopping center symbolizes a link to the most famous object in the city - the salt sources attracting over 40 000 visitors annually. The investor has agreed with both city and poviat to build new roads, remodel existing roads and build a bicycle path linking the spa area with the shopping center.

The total investment for the project is estimated at EUR 45 million. Bank finance has been arranged by Bank Pekao SA and the general contractor is Erbud S.A..

Libra Project Sp. z o.o., a limited company, was established in the beginning of 2008. As a development company Libra specializes in building multi-functional complexes, mostly of commercial and entertainment character. Libra is interested in developing medium size cities with a solid cultural background and high growth potential. The company puts a lot of emphasis on good relations with local authorities. Dariusz Miłek, the president of NG2 S.A., winner of Ernst & Young's Polish Entrepreneur of the Year 2007, is the major shareholder of the company. He is the creator of the CCC brand and chain - leader of Polish shoe market.

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